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We have been in existence for 40 years and have worked with top companies in Nigeria and in West Africa. Our partnership with Knauf Ceiling Solutions for over 25 years also gives us access to wide range of high-performance products. We understand the importance of using quality products and how to spot them. This combined with our excellent service makes us credible and reliable.



All our products are shipped from Europe and have been certified to several EU standards including for fire rating and acoustics.


We provide products that are fire rated, durable, acoustic, energy conserving/efficient, and quality assured to provide overall integrity of buildings. Our suspension system products are made with metal grades that are strengthened by fire.


Our building materials are original and specific to us. We boldly go by the saying “If it’s not from Skein, do not go for it.”



We are a safety-first company. Our installation team is fully equipped with tools, PPE and are trained regularly to engage in the highest standard for health and safety during installations.

Who We are

Established in 1982, Skein has earned a reputation for stocking, supplying and installing reliable building materials and products for internal spaces to create comfortable, secure and hazard-free spaces. Having been in existence for 40 years, we have provided our services to both individuals and corporate organizations with details and specifications that result in outstanding internal spaces.`

By partnering with Knauf Ceiling Solutions (formerly Armstrong), Skein provides ceilings and acoustic wall solutions for clients’ specific environments – homes, offices, schools, hospitals, public sector – with fire rated materials, acoustic products for sound absorption or reduction, energy efficient, humidity resistant and the appropriate light reflectance.

Skein also works with strategic partners in Europe to provide plasterboard systems and raised access floors that stand the test of time. As an indigenous company known for providing long lasting and ​high-performance products, we intend to solve the problems of sub-standard building materials for Nigerians that often scout local markets for ceiling products. Most of these products do not have any performance datasheets or specifications and are not certified. Our products, on the other hand, are from Europe and are fully certified for performance and quality with datasheets from globally leading manufacturers.


To provide accessibility of high quality building products to all for the best user experience and contribute to the sustainability of communities


To work with domestic and global partners to develop and market reliable products that improve safety and the quality of living

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For over 25 years, Skein has represented Armstrong World Industries (now Knauf Ceiling Solutions) as an exclusive distributor in stocking, supplying and installing (where necessary) its range of products from all over Europe (UK, Germany, France etc). These include: acoustic suspended ceiling systems and wall panels. Skein also stocks and provides plasterboard systems from leading manufacturers in Europe such as Pladur

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